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Tiles have a special place in our lives. No other material can be so gracefully and easily transform the interior, easy on the eye and is able to lift your mood for the whole day. Besides the beauty, which we can talk about endlessly, tiles has greater practicality than other finishing materials, easy to clean and protects against allergies.

The main role in bathroom design plays the wall and floor tiles made of ceramic or natural materials. PORCELANOSA Grupo occupies a high position in the production and sale of ceramic tiles. In PORCELANOSA Grupo, ceramic wall and floor tiles are produced in four factories: Porcelanosa,Venis, L'Antic Colonial and CERANCO.

The purchase of ceramic tiles should be carefully thought out and planned, because they will last for many years. That is why in our store we try to offer the most demanded types of tiles, present the most complete information about each and every product.

The Spanish company PORCELANOSA Grupo specializes in the manufacture and sale of ceramic tiles and mosaics. All offered tiles can be divided according to the material - ceramic, natural stone, terracotta, etc. Or by style - interior, exterior or combined. We can help you find the desired product, calculate the necessary amount and make a 3D visualization.

Spaniards are proud of the fact that they are recognized as leaders in the production of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tile produced in Spain are attractive because of their quality and durability. The owners of prestigious hotels are using the Spanish tiles for interior decoration.

Often manufacturers of quality production are not able to produce it in large quantities. Spaniards are second in the world in terms of performance. Only the Chinese could overtake, but in this case the quantity does not mean quality.


Simply because no other materials can replace durability, environmental friendliness and appearance. Tiles require no special care and are easy to clean. That is why its used in bathrooms and kitchens . All these advantages and very high quality wall tiles are just what we offer to our customers

We are pleased that we can offer our customers different types of tiles - for use at home, for prestigious hotels, restaurants, etc.. With us you can purchase tiles with high resistance to high traffic and stress , designed for buildings such as department stores and shopping centers. Exclusive models from the Spanish tile manufacturer PORCELANOSA Grupo have a very attractive appearance, high durability and long service life.

High quality Spanish tiles have a long history in the market and it applies to every manufacturer of PORCELANOSA Grupo. Moreover, our stores have a wide variety of unique designs of tiles from every producers, which you will not find anywhere else. Bright colors and specific ornament will make each room unique.


The Spanish factory Venis is part of PORCELANOSA Grupo, which occupies a leading position on the world market with ceramic tiles. Since its foundation in 1987 the factory has invested in innovative technologies that allow to take the lead in Ceramic market. Today Venis is the first to bring to the market exclusive, but at the same time versatile collection of ceramic tiles.Venis is one of the leading companies in the world in terms of design and innovative technology.

In 1986 Venis was built to extend the range of PORCELANOSA Grupo. Gradually, it became one of the major manufacturers of PORCELANOSA Grupo. Today Venis factory is one of the most famous brands in the world in the segment of high-quality ceramic tiles and employs over 800 people.

At the present time Venis innovates and sets the trend for international ceramic industry using technological innovations, modern equipment and talent of its employees. The designer department of Venis is constantly experimenting and creating different styles and trends. Every collection of Venis, offers a wide selection of decorative elements. One of the characteristics of this brand is the production of ceramics in a rustic style. The factory offers an elite range of tiles with natural stone imitation. Most recently, designers from Venis have start producing ceramic flooring - stoneware tiles imitating laminate or ceramic floors. In addition, the factory Venis first began producing large range of joint less tiles made of white clay.

In Venis are sure that the company's success is measured by levels of customer satisfaction ,and therefore engineers make up a collection of high quality materials with a unique design that will bring joy to their owners for many years.


L`Antic Colonial is a factory that uses the sense of shapes created by nature. Their products are genuine, handmade natural stone tiles and mosaics. The result is a product that has been designed and developed to give new meaning and comfort for human life . Inspired by nature gives new shapes and surfaces, tiles and mosaics, which leads to the emergence of a new culture and new lifestyle.


Factory Butech is also part of PORCELANOSA Grupo, which offers building materials and chemicals for laying tiles, such as adhesives and grout. The range includes various types of metal structures and metal products for ventilated façades and floors. Recent innovations in manufacturing ceramic wall and floor tiles allow the use of laser beams for cutting the edges. The result is rectified, perfectly calibrated tiles which lay at virtually no gap. It is very important to choose the right adhesive specially formulated for large format tiles. Butech products have high quality and meet all requirements and standards.


This new porcelain tile by Urbatek is characterized by its extra-large format and minimum thickness. XLIGHT is the natural evolution of ceramic. It has important physical and mechanical properties that make it unique: a large format (300x100 cm pieces), minimum thickness (3.5 mm), a lighter weight (8 kg/m²) and less absorption than a traditional tile (Grupo Bla Porcelain Tile).

This material offers a multitude of possibilities and is suitable for new constructions or reconstruction; in the latter case it significantly reduces investment in a project because it can be used to over-tile, with no need to remove and treat the ceramic that is being replaced. It is highly versatile and can be used to plan fully integrated rooms. “Invisible” doors and cupboards, tiled bathrooms and kitchens furnished with one sole hygienic material that is unchanging and highly resistant. This Extra-slim ceramic offers only advantages and new possibilities to the world of architecture and decoration. PORCELANOSA Grupo is constantly improving its products and sets the fashion trends of today. The series Xlight are the invention of PORCELANOSA Grupo , so it is guaranteed the highest quality and uniqueness.

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