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Bathroom washbasin is a device that we use for washing. There are basins, which are built into different boards or cabinets. The advantage of the location of the sink is that there is more storage space, that's why is very suitable for public toilets. Covering pipes are usually resolved with ceramic cover. The most common material is ceramic, but also natural stone like. Marble, travertine or granite. Sinks can be suspended and placed 80-85 cm above the floor using dowels, screws, brackets or frames.

Basins are an integral part of any bathroom. Without sanitary ceramic, today you can't imagine a bathroom.

Washbasins offered on the market is huge, take your time to choose the washbasin and you will surely find one that will be best for you. Porcelanosa Grupo offers a wide selection of washbasins.

It's up to you whether you prefer the classic or modern style. We have also built-in sink. Each bathroom is different and fits to it any basin. Which will decorate yours, it's up to you.

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